Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mountain Goats hit AV Club's Undercover

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats.

The AV Club Undercover has a relatively simple premise. They've made up a list of 25 songs and invite artists to cover them one by one. As songs get covered, they get crossed off the list and are no longer available to be covered. I was not super excited to see "Boxcar" by Jawbreaker on this year's list. Not to say I don't like the song (though it is not among my favorites), I figure their list could be better this year all around. I was taken aback and slightly confused when I saw John Darnielle and the crew from the Mountain Goats step into the small round room that serves as the Undercover studio to cover it.
It didn't seem to jive, initially; the idea of the Mountain Goats screeching through a two-minute punk song. However, John Darnielle has a way of making everything he's involved with great, and this is no exception. While I'm not going to go so far as to say this totally changed my life or caused me to reevaluate the lens through which I view the world, I will say that this is an excellent cover of a hohum punk song. If you're interested in more from the Mountain Goats, you can visit their personal website here, or connect with them on Twitter or Facebook. The AV Club Undercover series is available here. Below, the Mountain Goats perform "Boxcar" by Jawbreaker.

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  1. you sir are a disgrace. no offense to the mountain goats.... but this cover is a joke. jawbreaker is incredible. you foul the internet with your stink of hate. you know nothing of the incredulousness that is jawbreaker. also, if there was a conference where all sorts of people gathered, and said people debated upon things, would the conference not be a mass of debaters? mass debaters?