Monday, June 6, 2011

Media: The Weiner Scandal

Rep. Anthony Weiner [insert dick joke here]
Twitter strikes again as Representative Anthony Weiner of New York announced today, after many days of "dicking around" (I'll be here all day) that the alleged weiner picture sent over Twitter was in fact Weiner's weiner.  If you've been following this story then it comes as no surprise, Weiner has been dancing around the topic of whether it's actually his penis or not for a while, he even told ABC News last week that his Twitter was hacked as a prank when asked as whether or not it was him in the picture.  In a press conference today though Anthony Weiner stated that "The picture was of me, and I sent it."

The news comes after ABC News was preparing to release an interview with a 26-year old woman from Texas with whom Weiner was sexting.  The woman threatened to expose that Weiner had been sexting her for over a month.  To make it even better, it started through a Facebook comment where she called Weiner "hottttt" on one of his speech videos (yes, a speech video).  So not only does Anthony Weiner send dick-pics through Twitter, but he starts the game spitting process with Facebook.  It's pretty hilarious reading the messages sent from a US Representative though, especially ones that include him with his cats and a message of "me and the pussys".  God bless the internet.

But surprise surprise, a politician lied about doing something shady, so lets all just take a minute to stop and reflect on this situation.  Though we found out that we've got yet another dishonest man in our government, we also got to see major news networks make dick jokes for the better part of a week.  Fair trade.

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