Monday, January 30, 2012

In Brief: Neil Young's Doing Neil Young Things

Neil Young, seen here expressing either the magnanimity of
his catalog, or his complete confusion regarding Greendale's
popular reception. 
For the first time in almost nine years, Neil Young announced plans last week to re-enter the studio with longtime backing band Crazy Horse. Most initially seemed doubtful about the realistic prospects of the project, given the Grandfather of Grunge's penchant for on the fly decision reversals. Today, however, we are treated to what is (more than likely) an extended jam session recorded by Mr. Young and Crazy Horse, available here. Featuring a nearly 38 minute jam of both "Fuckin' Up" and "Cortez the Killer," Young's growling guitar sits restlessly atop the pulsing rhythms provided by the long adrift backing band. At around the 25 minute mark, when "Cortez the Killer" begins, the guitar switches from the muddy fuzz to a soaring solo. Neil's voice, still his trademark ethereal whine (only slightly older), lends a newer credence to the song, but, be warned, this is probably only for die-hard Neil Young fans (like you should be).