Sunday, May 15, 2011

On The Cusp: Dignan

Image courtesy of Daytrotter

Dignan is a band who captured my attention the instant that I heard them, their sound is something unique and sultry, but filled with intensity and and honesty.  Based out of McAllen, Texas, Dignan is a five-piece band fronted by Andy Pena that draws heavily from bands like Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, and Arcade Fire.  I know that throwing around names like that as comparisons draws a bit of an idealistic vibe to the band, but they live up to it without a shadow of a doubt.  Songs like "Whistler" on their 2009 release, "Cheaters & Thieves" take the listener on a sonic adventure with the song ranging from sweet and subtle harmonies, with a catchy whistling melody to boot, to booming chants and resounding drums.  It's not just the way that Andy sings though that draws the listener in, it's what he's saying.