Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Surprise Stream of SBTRKT's New "Transitions" EPs

It's been about three years since the release of SBTRKT's self titled debut album, which had us captivated by its dark and distant soundscapes paired beautifully with soulful vocals from featured collaborator Sampha. Since then, SBTRKT has toured the world and made several mentions of working on a follow-up, but not much new music has seen the light of day. Early last month, the masked UK producer dropped off a new track to BBC Radio 6's Mary Anne Hobbs with a brief message to read on air before it played. It was announced that the song, "Hold The Line", was the first from a series of instrumental recordings called "Transitions" that SBTRKT would release to keep everyone occupied until the new album was ready. Well, as of today, you can stream all six of the new instrumental tracks for free on SBTRKT's website. The spacey, textured beats are familiar and just as awe-inspiring as before so fans of the eponymous album should feel right at home, though we certainly miss Sampha's vocals and hope they return for the album. In addition to the stream, the site also contains a link to purchase physical copies of the music, in the form of three 12' EPs which will ship in May. Visit http://transitions.sbtrkt.com/ to hear for yourself!