Monday, June 6, 2011

Confirming Speculations, Apple Unveils iCloud at Developer's Conference

Finally mixing intense brand loyalty with cloud computing, Steve Jobs returned from a medical leave to address some three thousand web developers about Apples new iCloud. The new technology replaces the $99/year MobileMe application in keeping your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computer synchronized both globally and wirelessly. There are a few drawbacks to the service, including a 5GB limit, a 1,000 photo maximum can be saved for a month and music not purchased through iTunes will require a $25/year storage fee. That is assuming, of course, that your music is still available from the retailer; the more obscure cuts in your digital library will not be able to be hosted at all. More on this situation as it develops but, given Apple’s track record, it’s more than likely we’ll be saying great things about iCloud 2 next June.

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