Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday TV - It's Back

After a three episode story arc wherein our hero becomes a pirate king and summarily spends every bit of the pirate's loot on incredible parties and threesomes with pirate-party babes (who may or may not've been prostitutes), super spy extraordinaire Sterling Archer returns tonight at 10pm on FX. Archer is a perfect example of when consistently good writing and well-developed (if not, at times, broadly drawn) characters can make a ridiculous concept and, frankly, silly situations into an uproariously hilarious program. The humor of the show does not lie in the mission at hand, nor in the main story arc that's unfolding. The true humor comes from the sharp, witty dialogue and the relationships the characters have with each other. You can bet we'll be watching tonight, as Archer returns to FX at 10pm EST.

Of course, no mention of Thursday television has ever been complete if one does not mention the perennially hilarious, infinitely rewatchable 30 Rock. The show started its sixth season (purportedly Baldwin's last with the show) last week with a vengeance, hitting all the right, laughable notes while showing us that the characters have continued to develop while our eyes were not glued to them; Jack Donaghy is settling into his role as patriarch-sans-matriarch, Liz Lemon has a new secret beau (that commercials have revealed to be James Marsden (and there's something wrong with him (of course there is))). Featuring the return of Kelsey Grammer and the aforementioned Marsden guest spot, 30 Rock is on NBC tonight at 8pm EST.

But wait, there's more:

This week also finds a new addition to my usual lineup. Though I haven't been watching regularly, or at least as regularly as I'd like to, Parks & Recreation is an absolute delight. I cruised through both available seasons on Netflix some time ago and now that the announcement's been made Rob Lowe will be replaced (at some point) by Josh Malina. So, I'm excited to catch up with the governmental inner-workings of Pawnee, Indiana, and I'm interested to see how Josh Malina performs in a comedic role on a comedic show. His work of late has been the comic relief on procedural dramas, so seeing the build up to his return to full on comedy is reason enough to tune in. Parks & Recreation is on NBC tonight at 8:30pm EST, immediately after 30 Rock.

Finally, of course, I'll be tuning in to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Through their legal, though entirely outrageous, Super PAC/presidential candidate slew of desk pieces, they're slowly moving beyond comedy. Though they've been beyond comedy for a long time, this Super PAC stuff is putting the Citizens United decision on public trial by illuminating how easily corrupted the system is. If you're not outraged, it would seem that you're not paying attention. As always, they're on Comedy Central at 11:00pm EST & 11:30pm.

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