Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bruce Springsteen Releases New Single

Springsteen released "We Take Care Of Our Own"
as the first single off of "Wrecking Ball"
due out 03/06/12.
Earlier today, we reported on the slew of Leonard Cohen singles from his upcoming release. Now it seems The Boss is following suit. His new album, "Wrecking Ball," is apparently his "angriest" album ever, but you wouldn't know that from the freshly released single, "We Take Care Of Our Own." It's treads the familiar grounds of "Born In The USA," with thundering drums, a chugging rhythm and a superficially pro-America chorus (replete with strings) wherein Bruce howls "We take care of our own/wherever this flag's flown." Like "Born In The USA," the lyrics reach a little deeper than that, mentioning some recent instances where perhaps we haven't taken care of our own, "From the shotgun shack to the Super Dome/There ain't no help, the cavalry stayed home/Ain't nobody hearin' the bugle blowin'." There's a point of unintentional humor; the opening lyrics, "I've been knocking on the door that holds the throne," conjure up (to me) a scene where Bruce has been trying unsuccessfully to get into the bathroom. Regardless, it is a new Bruce Springsteen song that's been released on the heels of a new Bruce Springsteen album, which is cause enough for celebration. You have to figure that someone realized releasing the new "angrier" Springsteen as a single would not build sufficient buzz, whereas this song follows a tried-and-true model that will (theoretically) see to the success of the album, "Wrecking Ball" due out March 6th, 2012. The video for the single is posted below.

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