Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Television: AMC Releases Teaser for Season 4 of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad returns to AMC on July 17th, 2011
In case you'd forgotten, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest cable television dramas in the history of the medium and it is returning to your living room on July 17th. AMC figured they'd remind you of the drama and excitement that you'd been missing in this far-too-long interim between seasons by releasing a teaser trailer. Though there is no new footage from the season, this is a nice minute long reminder of the ways the previous three seasons have chronicled the fall of Walter White, the meek science teacher, and the rise of Heisenberg, the sociopath meth dealer. Myxem will spend the remaining weeks between now and the new season glued to AMC's website for any new developments, and also do season and important episode recaps. The video (from AMC) is after the jump.

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