Thursday, June 23, 2011

News: J.K. Rowling Explains "Pottermore"

Last week, a cryptic web page launched at, bearing only pictures of owls and J.K. Rowling's signature beneath a message that read simply: "Coming Soon." Today, the page has been updated with a video of Rowling thanking fans for years of support and briefly explaining what the Pottermore site would become. Though details in the video were mostly rather vague, Rowling seemed to hint that Pottermore would be a social network where "fans of any age can share, participate in, and rediscover the stories." She also confirmed Pottermore will come equipped with an online store, which will contain exlusive downloads of the Potter series as digital audiobooks and, for the first time ever (but we knew it was coming eventually), eBooks. Additionally, Rowling states that she will be contributing new stories to the potter canon available only on Pottermore. The full site is scheduled to launch this October; however, fans can sign up for an email list now and will receive further details and possible early access on Harry's birthday, July 31st. The email signup has been experiencing technical problems with the site administrators acknowledged through the Pottermore Twitter account, but head on down to to give it a try anyway.

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