Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rufus Wainwright Releases "Out of the Game" Video

A trio of Rufuses step in to frustrate librarian
Helena Bonham Carter (and sing the choruses, as well).
With buzz already building for Rufus Wainwright's upcoming album "Out of the Game," the Canadian-born pop star released the video for the album's title track. The video follows frustrated librarian Helena Bonham Carter as she struggles to cope with her disheartening vocation and a trio of misbehaving Rufus Wainwrights. With a vaguely country/folk musical setting, with Wainwright's obvious penchant for operatic grandiosity, the track is (not surprisingly) a wonderful listen.

Both the song and the album find Wainwright at his most accessible, having stated in an interview with the UK's Guardian that it'd be his "most sort of 'pop' and commercially viable, radio-friendly work." Produced by Mark Ronson and featuring guest spots from Wilco, Sean Lennon, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner, the album has been in development since May 2011. Based on the early reviews, "Out of the Game" is either a career misstep or, as German Rolling Stone reviewer Arne Willander posits, "We have listened to a genius." 

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