Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Soon: Dignan Releases Three-Song Sampler of New Album on Bandcamp

Cover art for Dignan's 2011 Tour EP.
Click the image to stream on Bandcamp
Hot off the heels of their stellar 2009 debut "Cheaters & Thieves", Texan chamber rockers Dignan have made three songs from their upcoming new release available on their Bandcamp page for what they describe as a "very limited time." You can stream them for free with the option of a $3.00 download if you'd like to take them on the go.  The songs will be taken down on October 31st, so be sure to act quickly to hear this amazing preview of an album that I have been very excited about for quite some time.

The band is also selling a limited number of physical copies of the sampler, which they refer to as their 2011 Tour EP, on their current tour which will conclude at the Texas Music Theatre in San Marcos, TX on 11/9. Dignan have garnered a lot of attention since their debut album, with critics swooning for their moody, atmospheric anthems and harmonious choral vocals that blend perfectly into truly awe-inspiring (and surprisingly anthemic) compositions highlighted by poetically introspective lyrics. With this new batch of songs, Dignan has shown that they are not slowing down any time soon. and they should be on everyone's radar for 2012.

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