Friday, September 9, 2011

Hopscotch '11 - In Brief - Day One

We got a late start today. We had planned to be at the Big Boss day party held at Sadlack's Heroes, but as the rumor spread that it'd been closed down due to a noise complaint we decided to sit tight and catch up with a few episodes of Friends. Which was by no stretch of the imagination a waste of time.

By the time we had made it downtown, it was with just enough spare time to be one of the first through the door for Dinosaur Feathers. These boys took King's Barcade through the roof. I cannot possibly think of a better opener for King's incredible line up, and I hazard to say it'd be difficult to name a band I'd rather have seen as my first band of Hopscotch 2011.

We made a mistake and left King's, as they were counting people as they exited and letting the same number of people in, it seemed re-entry was unlikely. We lamented our bad luck, but forged on to Cassis Orange down at The Union (which is kind of a haul from King's). The two and half songs we caught were amazing. There were some technical issues with a sample going awry and it was pretty difficult to see, as The Union does not have a stage.

After leaving The Union, we made an ill-fated attempt at catch some of Rhys Chatham, but we managed to miss that and wound up taking a pit stop at the McDonald's. It worked out well enough, as we managed to get in line in time for The Love Language's set at the Lincoln Theatre to begin. That was my first time catching them live, and it was an amazing spectacle. They even had a couple of special guests on hand.

We blazed a swift trail from the Lincoln Theatre to Deep South to catch Empress Hotel perform their tragically under-attended set. With that being my first time in Deep South, I was pretty blown away by the venue, and Empress Hotel's sound was just a perfect fit for the vibe of the joint.

And now we're here, with our respective laptops cracked open, calves throbbing, slightly exhausted but mostly excited, talking about tomorrow's plans. Looks like our day will be split between King's Barcade's Odessa Fest, featuring Shit Horse and Americans in France, and Diggup Tapes' Rooftop, featuring TOW3RS and Nests. Also of note during the day is Fox Box at the Fox Liquor Bar featuring Roman Candle and Small Ponds.

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