Friday, August 26, 2011


Hyperdrive, starring Nick Frost.
Let me preface this whole thing by acknowledging (begrudgingly) that I am a fairly huge Star Trek fan. I have never dressed up and attended a convention, but I own the comic books, biographies (auto and otherwise) of Shatner, Nimoy and Roddenberry as well as the Star Trek encyclopedia and a dozen or more paperbacks churned out in the early 90's. That's part of why I find Hyperdrive so damn enjoyable. It is all of the exciting space-travel adventure re-framed as a goofy British comedy. The hapless Commander Henderson (played with expert skill by none other than Nick Frost) and the sociopathic, sadistic second-in-command York guide a crew of offbeat misfits across the cosmos aboard the HMS Camden Lock, with the intended mission "to protect Britain's interests in a changing galaxy." Both series of the program are available to watch instantly, click the image at left to see more on Netflix.

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