Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Media News: Dragon Tattoo, Don't Be Afraid Drop Trailers

So, word on the street is that the Americanized Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig, had a red-band trailer leak earlier today. I finally hunted down a YouTube copy and immediately became at least twice as excited for the movie as I was. I said I'd never support Americanized versions of anything after a string of real hack-job remakes, but Let Me In totally changed my mind about that. This trailer took it a step further and not only can I support Americanizing movies, I can now enthusiastically endorse them.

This trailer, scored by 2011 Oscar Winner Trent Reznor (how fun is that to say?), sets the tone for a stunning film. In short bursts of gritty action and instantly recognizable settings and actions, set to a breathtaking industrialized remix of Immigrant Song, the trailer removes any doubt, at least in my mind, about the ability of a capable crew to successfully adapt foreign films to an American audience. Enjoy the video below:

Also in trailer news, Guillermo Del Toro's latest effort as producer and co-writer (also a remake), Don't Be Afraid of the Dark released its full length version recently. Of course, this was in a more "conventional" and "purposeful" fashion. This trailer delves further into story than Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's did and, frankly, I wish it hadn't. It seems the storyline is pretty standard fare: family moves into haunted house, nobody believes the child that tries to warn them, awful horrifying things happen, grown-ups realize the kid was right. As bland and played out as that idea is, after Pan's Labyrinth and the production credit on The Orphanage, Del Toro has proved himself more than fully capable of making this an excellent horror movie. Incidentally, the trailer has a couple of decent scares and creep out moments, and you can watch for yourself below:

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